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I'm trying to get Windows XP installed on a Bay Trail-M CPU computer. So far I've found compatible drivers but I am running into ONE problem: ACPI.sys. I must figure out how to replace that file in the Windows XP files. The problem is that the ACPI.SY file is in an LZX:21 archive. I cannot just simply compress a file then give it the original extension because the Windows XP setup would detect it as corrupt!

Does anyone know how to recompress a file to an LZX:21 archive? It's the only file hampering me from installing Windows XP on a 2014 computer!
Thank you!

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I don't think you should have to recompress the file at all. Try adding the new ACPI.SYS file and removing the original ACPI.SY_ from the setup directory, and Windows XP Setup should copy the uncompressed ACPI.SYS without any trouble. I've modified some setup files in Windows NT 3.51/4.0 this way.

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You *might* be able to use makecab.exe like:

makecab.exe acpi.sys acpi.sy_

if the raw file itself doesn't work.