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For Dark Forces 2 use DXGL
Re: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II - How to switch GPUs?

Mabye we can convince Dege to add DX9 host support to dgvoodoo2 so we could run it on XP.

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To be honest, I actually really like the look of the RenderDroid software renderer in DF2. It's pleasingly chunky and runs pretty nicely, supports fullbrights, does its own mipmapping, etc. It's a very nice software renderer and I don't mind playing it that way at all.

Motocross Madness 2, on the other hand, has a less impressive software renderer - it's definitely better with acceleration.

Yeah, obviously I'd love a reliable DX[1-7] to 9 wrapper for XP, but I wouldn't be the one coding it, and ultimately there would be very few users; just me and a few other freaks running hardware and drivers that were kicking around near the end of XP support. It's hard to justify the effort (but if someone with the relevant skills is reading this, I'd really appreciate it 😉

Oh, and I tried DXGL. From what I remember, all it did was crash the game.