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MOD4Win player has one 'unique' feature. Despite of their WINDOWS nature it can work with some soundcards (GUS in example) in direct manner, with no any WINDOWS audio drivers installed at all.
Is there any other software for Win3.x/95 with such capability?


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I have never head Direct.... software before DirectX came along. GUS had Windows 3.1 drivers, but so buggy Windows 9x drivers, that it even makes sense to just directly drive it.

I am aroused about any X86 motherboard that has full functional ISA slot. I think i have problem. Not really into that original (Turbo) XT,286,386 and CGA/EGA stuff. So just a DOS nut.

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Hi, yes, there is another MOD Player for Win 3.1/95 that uses the Emu8000 synthesizer of the Creative AWE cards (AMP for Windows).

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