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Hi, mpu address is 330h.

Doom is working with roland sc-55. Kyrandia is working with mt32 emulation mode.

Desert strike and jungle strike are working with sound blaster.

But everytime in game menu I choose Roland sound canvas or Rolant mt32, it will freeze and PC needs hard reset. Manual does not mention any configuration of midi address. 330 is the default though. Perhaps something because DOS version is Amiga port?

Does it work for you?

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Did a quick test with my AWE system, both games, no external midi though.
I don't get the lockup, but if I change the sound card to either roland device, it'll switch to "no card" when I hit return to menu.
and no sound in game, although I do get sound at gremlin splash screens when the game loads.

The fact even though the sound card is set to roland yet the gremlin screen gives sound would suggest it gets its settings from set blaster line maybe?
I'm using A220 I5 D1 H5 P300 E620 T6 for what its worth.