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Reverse engineered and C ported MT15.DRV (MT32-Sound-Driver) of Stunts 1.0 and 1.1

  1. Assembler source can be rebuild to 100% binary exact version of the original
  2. Assembler can be partially mixed with C ported functions or all functions can be replaced by C code


Stunts 1.0 MT15.DRV seems to sound better than the 1.1 version (some strange slowdowns happen)
(also seems to happen someway with 4D Sport Boxing/Tennis: Re: HELP MT-32 OLD + AWE64 Gold + 4D Sports Boxing = PROBLEM)
i just wanted to understand what the differences are and how to port that stuff to C

Result: the timing code is different - but only some lines of assembler nothing big


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Interesting. I didn't remember which version I used to play back in the early 90's but I suppose it was the 1.0 1990 version. My 386SX-20 config ran it incredibly slow I had to set low details like any other games. I always thought the cpu was the problem but nowdays I'm quite sure the vga Oak video card I had was the real one.