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hello. is there a way to play doom and doom 2 on win98se with accelerated 3d via an engine like doomsday on jdoom? but i also want midi playback i have an awe64 with masterpiece sf2.
my pc specks are 800mhz p3 and 512mb ram

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Sure without kernelex you can use the following:
Doom Legacy 1.48.8
prboom plus
Zdoom LE 2.8.1f
Zdoom32 2.8.6

If for some reason you really want to use Doomsday you can use v1.8.6, I don't recommend it.

For OpenGL you'll need at least a video card capable of OpenGL 1.2

If you don't want to limit yourself there are other ports that work with a software renderer only.

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I released ZDoom32 2.8.6a recently, the N executable runs on 98 but without the OpenGL renderer. I think ZDoom LE 2.8.3a ran on 98 with GL, 2.8.1f was for 95 and software only.

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