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Question is in the subject what is the last version of Microsoft word to run on win 98 se

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I think the same.

There was a file converter program for Office, also.
It would convert new documents to the older format so that Office XP could use them.

Btw, Office wasn't the only game in town.
MS Works was a fine little alternative to it.

Last version was from circa 2009 or so.
It featured similar applications to Office, but was better in several ways.
A hidden gem, so to say.

Especially the word processor was nice, IMHO.
It had an assistant for writing letters, among other things.
Hence, MS Works was used by small businesses, also.

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Installing Office XP has the added bonus of updating the Windows Installer for you as well 😉
I always install the latest version of office on retro builds, just because if feels more complete, I don't really use them though.

2003 is still my version of choice (and thats pretty much the same as XP just with a better version of Outlook which I dont use anyway)

But if your wanting to seriously use the program Open Office may be a better option been a bit more modern?

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1541 wrote on 2022-02-25, 11:30:

Is it still possible to activate Office XP nowadays?

I know that Windows XP still activates by phone (and by Internet too if you update the certificates beforehand, I'm told). If that works Office 2002 should work too.
Now, if the activation actually validates the key you input or rather just spits out a valid confirmation code no-matter-what it's another question.


Back then everybody installed Office using xxxxx-640-xxxxxxx-xxxxx PIDs though