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I have an issue was on the fourth disk of installing Baldurs Gate 2. When the install crashed, on further investigation the secondary HDD had bad sectors. So I removed the faulty drive and replaced with another.
When I try to uninstall it says it does though everytime I go to reinstall it comes up as PLAY.
So I went into reg and removed every reference I could find. So tried again, it said install then something about uninstalling program then nothing.
So I think there is still some trace of it somewhere as I cannot seem to reinstall the program again and I am going in circles.

Is there a program compatible with 98SE like Revo for instance I can use. I do not want to nuke windows just because of this issue.

Primary Drive is C:
Secondary is D: running via a PCI/ATA Card [which I installed] as removed the bad drive.

So there must be some remanants of C: which I cannot find.

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few mentioned here
Win9x Uninstaller software

As a dirty fix I guess you could try installing to a different directory to the original install?

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Programs like that need to run right before and after an installation (or in some cases during, if they're tracing API calls) to know what went where. Or in your case would have had to have done so, too late now. Sorry to say but you might have to find out where that installer/launcher/autorun/whatever looks to decide whether an install exists (try filemon and regmon) and delete that manually, or suck it up and reinstall.