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I know, MUNT is tailored pretty much for DOS games and nothing else and I'm fully aware of that, but that wouldn't stop me from forking MUNT to add D-10/110/20 support to it. I'm aware that the sound engines are going to be different, but honestly, I wouldn't care that much since MT-32's engine is superior anyways. Of course, that doesn't mean that we couldn't recreate the engine from the D series synths but for a start MT-32 is a great place!

I assume Roland isn't going to be as butthurt as before about this so here's the link to those interested:
Gearslutz forum thread

Of course, this means nothing yet, just a 8096 firmware dump, we need other stuff dumped too but I just mainly wanted to share this and explore the possibility. (sergm seems to be only one actively maintaining MUNT, so a shoutout goes to him! If anybody can bring this to his attention, please do.)
My current skillset wouldn't really allow for me to magically come up with something yet, I need to learn a bit more about the architecture of these synthesizers before I do anything. (and I don't mean LA synthesis per se, I mean the rest of the system)

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Brilliant idea! Much harder synth to get hold of than a MT-32 so always good for preservation. And the output of the D-110 could be considered overall superior, it's just that so many games were tweaked for the MT that they won't sound as good on a D-110. However some probably would.

I suggest posting this thread again in MT-32 Development, since sergm doesn't have contact details.