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So here's an odd one. Something called the "Hoontech SoundTrack 97 PCI" is purportedly the only PCI sound card natively supported by Impulse Tracker. However, googling the card name as its written in quotes, doesn't yield anything other than references to the IT readme.

Hoontech do, or did, make a range of soundcards, mostly under the ST Audio name in the semi-pro recording range (typically delivered as a PCI card with a breakout box), although the SoundTrack Digital XG looks like a nice attempt at a high-ish-end home PC card with a Yamaha XG chip and SigmaTel AC'97 codec.


Unfortunately it looks like they shut down and their product line got mired in ownership & support contract wrangling.

This raises so many questions... The holy grail for me would be a professional-style recording interface that's compatible with Impulse Tracker. To be honest the AWE64 & GUS PnP I'm already using generally do fine, but a native PCI card that works would be nice for portability.

Does anyone have one of these cards? Is it a clone of anything, or are there other similar cards based on the same chipset that the IT driver would be compatible with? Does the IT driver offer anything special over more mass-market PC cards? (Other than PCI compatibility which would still be awfully convenient.)

Is the SoundTrack Digital XG the same as the SoundTrack 97 PCI?

Are the ST Audio line compatible with the Hoontech driver? (That would be a pipe dream...)

More info is appreciated!

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xjas wrote:

Is the SoundTrack Digital XG the same as the SoundTrack 97 PCI?

No, it doesn't seem so. I found a reference to the Sound Track 128 DDMA. Picture of the Gold version here.

DOS Sound Blaster compatibility: PCI sound cards vs. PCI chipsets
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Sound Track 97PCI is not the same as Digital XG.

Digital XG is a PCI sound card with YMF744 / YMF754 chip.

This card consists of a combination of Crystal CS4237 + Dream SAM9407.
I connected the two chips to a PCI-to-ISA converter called K-Sound.
However, since K-Sound had a lot of compatibility issues,
SoundTrack 128DDMA / Digital Audio 4CH / Digital Audio 16CH sound cards, such as the K-128 was replaced immediately.
The K-128 chipset can be installed on later VIA motherboards, such as ASRock 4Coredual-VSTA.

A similarly configured sound card is Sound Track 128DDMA,
Another version of the ISA format is Sound Track 97Ruby
The sound card of the same configuration from another company is Terratec EWS64XL / EWS64XXL.

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I had gotten one of those Hoontech sound cards with breakout box locally and had to track down a driver from somewhere in Korea I think?
These sound cards seemed to be more popular there due to karaoke or something.
I only downloaded the driver for my specific card and I doubt it's compatible to yours. And frankly I don'tremember where I kept it, but it was probably on my backup storage system that was taken apart a year or 2 ago.

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