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Registered here with the main purpose of simply saying "thanks"!
This mixer is just what the doctor ordered and i really wish something like this existed in the old days!

Using an audigy1, external mt32-pi for midi and internal ymf715 for mpu out and opl3.
SB16-emulation from the audigy, it is "good enough" for my purposes.

One small question/suggestion though. Would it be possible to add an option for manually setting a register?
(I read that you lost contact with the programmer, I can figure it out myself but it would help if you could find the part in the source code that accesses the card and sends commands)

There are gobs of weird settings internal to the card to mess with, presumably only crazy people would bother but i do have a use case,
in that I would try to get i2s working with external non-creative things.
Supposedly the audigy has an improvement compared to the older live series, it SHOULD be possible to change from master to slave mode.
But I need to send direct commands to the card to test it.


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PARUS wrote on 2020-12-20, 11:05:

Yesterday I've run 0.49 version on my old Pentium-2 i440. The EMS volume was 8192-32768 and no problems, no decreases. Later I will recheck it on "hub" chipsets. What config do you using?

Namrok wrote on 2020-12-13, 23:47:

In fact, running emm386 with just NOEMS caused my computer to reboot as well. Which is a new one to me.

It is abnormally. NOEMS is one of regular usual modes for EMM386. What config do you using?

Following up on this old issue, as lately I've spent some time messing around with the machine again.

Running EK1M only reduces my EMS memory to 2MB if it's ran after SBEINIT.COM is run for the SBLive. Running SBLive after I've run EK1M doesn't get me much since it undoes whatever EK1M set. Not really seeking a solution, as my use case still doesn't need EK1M and SBLive drivers at the same time. But it was an extra data point I thought I'd throw out there.

Win95/DOS 7.1 - P233 MMX (@2.5 x 100 FSB), Diamond Viper V330 AGP, SB16 CT2800
Win98 - K6-2+ 500, GF2 MX, SB AWE 64 CT4500, SBLive CT4780
Win98 - Pentium III 1000, GF2 GTS, SBLive CT4760
WinXP - Athlon 64 3200+, GF 7800 GS, Audigy 2 ZS

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hi parus,
I am using the mixer with a SB Live (0100 or 0220) + an Orpheus card. Once I initialize the SB Live, the system freezes instantly (440bx board).
I have no issues with Audigy + Orpheus or SB Live without Orpheus, the mixer works great in that case.

Your mixer is the only reason I use SB Live, I want to use it in DOS to output audio on 5.1 channels, using the Orpheus card as source. It works great with Audigy, but not with SB Live.

any idea what to do to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks.