Roland MCB-3 or alternatives?

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Roland MCB-3 or alternatives?

Postby Nuobu » 2018-6-10 @ 16:16

Hello there,

I've managed to get hold of a Roland SCP-55 to use for the purpose of a Sys Ex transfer between a Win 95 laptop and a Korg DSS-1 sampling keyboard.

However, I expected the SCP-55 to come with the MCB-3 MIDI box, but it didn't.

So, I don't suppose anybody is willing to part with a spare MCB-3?

Alternatively, are there any other MIDI connectors I could use with this PCMCIA soundcard or is my best option to look for another soundcard that comes with a MIDI connector of some sort?

Thank you for your help,

Nuobu :blush:
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Re: Roland MCB-3 or alternatives?

Postby Cebion » 2019-6-12 @ 16:00

Does somebody have documentations about the pinouts?
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