CT-4810 in DOS

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You can also use the Ensoniq Drivers, which offer different features 😀


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That was a good idea to use the Ensoniq driver but not any luck with those.

For the "interest of science", I don't get FX sound (but midi is ok) with CT4810, DOS 6.22 floppy start and a DELL dimension 8400 (P4 3Ghz).
I do get FX and midi with the CT4810, a DOS 6.22 floppy start and a msi motherboard MS6786 ver2 (KM400 VT8378 VT8235) and Athlon XP 2800+

edit : raptor is the test game
edit 2 : links
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Ancient thread resurrection alert!

Just wanted to say I was having trouble with crashes and reboots (and APTEST/APLEGACY tests failed) with a CT4810 using the Ensoniq drivers, but the Creative drivers linked on the second post on this thread work perfectly. Hope this helps someone in the future!
My CT4810 has a different marking on the main chip though - mine says CT2518-DBQ on it.

This was on a DFI CS35-TC, Socket 370 motherboard (some Packard Bell iConnect PC)

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