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I understand from the Wikipedia entry for the 8-bit Thunder Board sound card, that it emulates Creative Labs Sound Blaster 1.0 and 1.5. How does it do this please? Thanks a lot for any comments! 😀

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Probably like all the other clones:

It has a YM3812 OPL2 chip for FM compatibility.

It probably has a microcontroller which runs the code for DSP features. The SoundBlaster uses an Intel 8051. My guess would be that the square Media Vision labeled PLCC packaged IC is a relabeled MCU.

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I second that. I've got a TB clone here and a few PAS16's (the PAS16 has the TB chips on-board).
The Thunder Board was designed from ground up to behave like a SB 1.5 that can co-exist with the original PAS or PAS+.
It also has a few extra features, but they aren't visible except the game is Thunderboard aware.
After sending some ID codes for the Sound Blaster multiple times, the TB will reveal its true nature (it will report TB's DSP rev.).
See Thunder Board Programmer's Reference. 😀

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