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I am trying to get SPDIF over TOSLink on a CT4390. I am using an ASUS SPDIF bracket, and I connect pin 0 from card's spdif header to the signal-in, and pulled a 5V line from a floppy power cable. The TOSLink cable is shooting out a red laser, so it has power, but my DAC is not seeing any signal for GM, AWE or adlib sound.

Do I need to enable anything in the drivers to turn SPDIF output on, or what else might I need to do?

k6-3+ 400 / s3 virge DX+voodoo1 / awe32(32mb)
via c3 866 / s3 savage4+voodoo2 sli / audigy1+awe64(8mb)
athlon xp 3200+ / voodoo5 5500 / diamond mx300
pentium4 3400 / geforce fx5950U / audigy2 ZS
core2duo E8500 / radeon HD5850 / x-fi titanium

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What kind of signal are you trying to shove into S/PDIF? Is it PCM sound, MIDI music, or OPL3/CQM?

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