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It's an exciting time for vintage PC gaming enthusiasts, with so many modern reproductions of vintage sound cards coming out. I'm not talking about newly invented vintage sound products with no historic counterpart like the OPL2LPT and OPL3LPT, as interesting as they are. I'm talking about drop-in replacements for old sound hardware that use unmodified old software. It occurred to me that I didn't know of any one place with links to all of them, so here you are:

AdLib / YM3812 / OPL2
Reproduction AdLib
The Plaid Bib - an Ad Lib MCA Clone (MicroChannel Architecture)
Clone of Amstrad's Adlib clone (different design that includes a gameport)
RadLib OPL2

Yamaha YMF262/ YMF289 / OPL3
Resound OPL3 (4 channels)
Resound 2 OPL3 (2 channels)
Resound 2 OPL3 MCA (MicroChannel Architecture)
Internal OPL3 ISA 8 bits (a very small 8-bit ISA card with HDA internal audio connector, specifically targeting the NuXT in a low-profile case) thread

Creative Music System / Game Blaster / dual Phillips SAA1099
SAAYM 8-bit ISA dual Phillips SAA1099 + Yamaha YM2151 Sound Card (includes a Yamaha OPM for playing VGMs from Sharp X1, X68000, and certain arcade games)

Creative Labs SoundBlaster
Snark Barker (SoundBlaster 1.0 + CMS)
Snark Barker MCA (SoundBlaster 1.0 + CMS, but on MicroChannel Architecture) DIY; Twitter dev thread here
Resound New Wave MCA (SoundBlaster MCV-compatible + genuine OPL3, derived from the Snark Barker MCA and the Resound 2 OPL3 MCA)
BLASTERBOARD (SoundBlaster 2.0)
AWE64 Legacy (AWE64 with genuine OPL3, intelligent mode MPU-401, WaveBlaster header, AC'97 front panel, among other improvements) bare PCBs available, no assembled boards yet

Gravis Ultrasound / AMD InterWave
ARGUS (Gravis Ultrasound PnP clone / AMD InterWave)
GUSar lite (Gravis Ultrasound PnP clone / AMD InterWave)

SN76489 / Tandy 1000 / PC Jr. 3-voice sound
TNDY 3-Voice Soundcard ISA (Includes optional TSR to redirect software to use non-standard IO port on 286 and later machines)
Tandy Nano v1.1 ISA (Slimline version of the TNDY, lacks PC Speaker input)
Tandy Sound (SN76489) Adapter PCB

Covox Speech Thing / Disney Sound Source / Covox Sound Master
CVX4 (Covox Speech Thing)
Replicas of Covox Speech Thing, FTL Sound Adapter and SiliconSoft SoundJr
pcb-covox-amp (tiny sound card based on Covox Speech Thing)
Sound Source (Disney Sound Source implementation utilizing an ATtiny microcontroller, as described in the Disney Sound Source replica (well, almost) thread)
Covox Sound Master Replica unreleased
Silly Sound Bastard (DIY Covox Speech Thing clone, as described in this YouTube video)
Simple LPTsnd (Covox Speech Thing)
Dual ISA DAC r0 (stereo Covox Speech Thing on an ISA card, saves IRQ resources)
Dual ISA DAC r1 (same as above, but uses a GAL for address decoding and supports mono and stereo simultaneously)

Innovation Sound Standard SSI-2001 / Commodore SID / MOS 6589
Innovation SSI-2001 replica
Renovation SSI-2001 (offers the option of using a STM32 microcontroller instead of a genuine SID)

Yamaha YMF71x / OPL3-SAx
Tiido's KickAss Yamaha Based Sound Card (T-04YBSC-x) (many improvements on the original; also includes an OPL4 / YMF721)

Crystal CS423x
Orpheus Soundcard (Crystal CS4237B + true OPL3, with AC'97 front panel header, wavetable header, and optional PCMIDI MPU-401)
ISA Audio Interface (Crystal CS4231A + OPTi 82C924 + true OPL3, with IDE and a new open-source custom DOS driver) DIY
PC/104 Soundcard (Crystal CS4237B with WaveBlaster header, but with a PC/104 connector instead of ISA) DIY

Roland MPU-401
ISA MPU Card (Music Quest PC MIDI CARD IH9MQ9 MPU clone, Roland-compatible MPU-401 intelligent and UART mode MIDI interface)

WaveBlaster modules
TB60XG (enhanced Yamaha DB60XG-based MIDI module with WaveBlaster connector)
Yucatan FX (replica Turtle Beach Cancun FX WaveBlaster module, using original 90s GS ROM)
CrystalBlaster C1 (Crystal CS9236 on a WaveBlaster module)
E-Wave : an ESS based waveblaster card (Compaq Business Wavetable Sound Card / ES692S Synth on a WaveBlaster module)
WP32 McCake : MT32 compatible waveblaster board (Raspberry Pi compute module-powered MT32 emulator) unreleased
DreamBlaster X2GS (includes licensed Roland GS sound bank, sounds nearly identical to a Roland SCB-55 module)

Combo cards, hybrids, and amalgamations
FMonster (full-length ISA board including PCjr / Tandy 3 voice, CMS, Covox Sound Master, 2x SSI-2001 / DuoSID, 2x OPL2, and OPL3) unreleased
BitchinFastAudio 3000 / Audio Loca - The one sound card to rule them all (FPGA reimplementation of SB16, Gravis Ultrasound, MPU-401, Tandy 3-voice, WSS, CMS, and Covox, PLUS WaveBlaster, USB audio, S/PDIF, XT-IDE, Bluetooth audio, and an NE2000-compatible WiFi interface ?!?!) unreleased
SAAYM (Creative Game Blaster clone with a Yamaha YM2151 / OPM added)

Anything important missing from this list?

Edit1: fixed ARGUS description, thanks elianda
Edit2: added T-04YBSC-A and ISA MPU Card, thanks Kamerat
Edit3: added ISA OPL2 Card, thanks BloodyCactus
Edit4: added more parallel port replicas and another Covox Sound Master Replica, thanks Benedikt
Edit5: added MUS-1099, thanks root42
Edit6: added Orpheus Soundcard
Edit7: added Plaid Bib, thanks Benedikt
Edit8: added SAAYM, thanks carlostex
Edit9: added AWE64 Legacy, thanks hard1k
Edit10: added TB60XG and FMonster, thanks hard1k
Edit11: added Clone of Amstrad's Adlib clone, thanks Benedikt
Edit12: added eeguru / Alan Hightower's "The one sound card to rule them all" presentation
Edit13: added spark2k06's Internal OPL3 ISA 8 bits
Edit14: added Benedikt's Renovation SSI-2001
Edit15: added yeokm1's pcb-covox-amp
Edit16: added Texelec's Resound 2 OPL3 in both its ISA and MCA forms
Edit17: Removed the unreleased label from the Orpheus Soundcard, now that you can actually order it
Edit18: added Yucatan FX, thanks hard1k
Edit19: added Texelec's RadLib OPL2
Edit20: added Snark Barker MCA (at least the Twitter thread showing @TubeTimeUS debugging the prototype)
Edit21: revised the CVX4 description (it clones Covox Speech Thing only), and added the "Disney Sound Source replica (well, almost)," thanks digger
Edit22: updated the Snark Barker MCA URL to point to its Github repo
Edit23: updated the Plaid Bib URL to point to the CPLD version, which the author claims is more compatible than the original release of the card
Edit24: Reformatted and reorganized the list
Edit25: added GUSar lite, thanks gordon-creAtive.com
Edit26: revised the Sound Source description to note that it's not a clone, it's an implementation, thanks, matze79
Edit27: added the WP32 McCake, E-Wave, and CrystalBlaster C1 wavetable boards, thanks, Pierre32
Edit28: noted that Tiido's KickÄss Yamaha Based Sound Card also includes an OPL4
Edit29: added necroware AKA scorp's Silly Sound Bastard
Edit30: updated the AWE64 Legacy's status - it's now available for pre-order
Edit31: added the ISA Audio Interface by ALEKS, and organized it under the same heading as the Orpheus
Edit32: initial batch of ARGUS is complete, so no longer unreleased
Edit33: Added DreamBlaster X2GS, which is effectively a Roland SCB-55 workalike
Edit34: The E-Wave has been released, and bare PCBs of the AWE64 Legacy are available now too
Edit35: added SAAYM, thanks BeastOfSoda
Edit36: brought up-to-date on all Retroianer sound cards, thanks matze79
Edit37: added Texelec's Resound New Wave MCA
Edit38: added rasteri's PC/104 Soundcard

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A couple more:

T-04YBSC-A, new YMF71x based sound card
Music Quest MPU clone card

DOS Sound Blaster compatibility: PCI sound cards vs. PCI chipsets
YouTube channel

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please correct: ARGUS is a Gravis Ultrasound PnP clone (AMD Interwave), a Gravis Ultrasound is GF1.

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There is also the MUS-1099: https://github.com/gemedetpaps/MUS-1099

Gameblaster/Creative Music System compatible.

Vogons thread: MUS-1099 GameBlaster Sound Card

YouTube and Bonus
80486DX@33 MHz, 16 MiB RAM, Tseng ET4000 1 MiB, SnarkBarker & GUSar Lite, PC MIDI Card+X2+SC55+MT32, OSSC

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LightStruk wrote:

Anything important missing from this list?

Do my parallel port audio adapters qualify?

Replicas of Covox Speech Thing, FTL Sound Adapter and SiliconSoft SoundJr

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sergeys adlib http://www.malinov.com/Home/sergeys-projects/isa-opl2-card

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The thread Reversing the Disney Sound Source, while not exactly about a Disney Sound Source reproduction, contains a lot of information on how to build compatible hardware, including schematics and PCB layouts for such compatible hardware.

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Added the SAAYM, although the YM2151 almost disqualified it from appearing in this list. It's not a reproduction or clone if it has synthesis capability that never existed on PC before! I put it in anyway because of the Game Blaster compatibility. Thanks, carlostex.

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Include our project too, please 😀 it's in my signature. Thanks!

New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy
Fortex: Vortex2+YMF744
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Other two are missing:
TB60XG, enhanced Yamaha DB60XG based MIDI module
FMonster, the monster of sound synth

New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy
Fortex: Vortex2+YMF744
Please have a look at my wishlist (hosted on Amibay)