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Thanks for the suggestion and information Tiido. Only, this update bios upgrade is a single exe with the bios data imbedded in it. Of course I expect it would not be too hard to extract it from the binary and use another tool to try and flash it, but since that bios seem smd soldered I do not want to take the risk to remove it if problems arises. It's an unintrusive error message that dont add boot delay or require keypress.

The bios upgrade procedure inform that it's erasing the flash at some point (but maybe not the escd area?). Testing many configuration in bios and different video card dont take rid of the message. Anyway maybe I'll start a thread about it, now I feel I digress the topic too much

I was curious to know where the boot screen of mbliss11 more precisely hang and what's showing up. Also let them know that the orpheus init alright using both orphinit et unisound on dos with this optiplex gxpro 200. I timed the initial detection more precisely around 90 and 120 seconds, depending on where you start to count.

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aitotat wrote on 2021-06-08, 18:08:

I found what caused Cycles to freeze. It was caused by FreeDOS.

All games that use that same engine will not work on FreeDOS. I personally reported that Alone in the Dark (Floppy version) does not work on the Facebook group, some other user reported Grand Prix Circuit, and despite the FreeDOS creator Jim Hall replying i honestly don't think anything will be ever done to solve these issues. So, i'm done with FreeDOS.