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I agree. I prefer also the real thing. I don't use emulators. Unfortunately many Sierra Online games have problems on PowerPC machines. I managed to finish King's Quest 5 and Freddy Pharkas on the Performa with Roland MT32. Unfortunately King's Quest 6 does not support Roland or General Midi on Mac. I tried to play it many times but I abandoned it because almost every time it hangs (i think everytime i try to load a save game).

ScummVM is a great program but the only game that I played and finished was in 2022 "The Secret of Monkey Island" Ega version and this on an early version of ScummVM on my Power Macintosh G3 Minitower and Mac OS 10.2 because i hadn't got the game. This year, a friend of mine sent me a copy, i found also a patch for MT32 and adlib and i finished it on my dos pc. If I ever use ScummVM again, it will probably be for FM Towns games.

I learned regarding the emulators back to 1997-1998 (maybe earlier). When for the first time i had internet in my home at the end of 1998, i downloaded emulators for Amiga, Atari St, Amstrad, Spectrum, Commodore. Super Nes, Nes, Sega Genesis, Master System, Game Gear and Game boy. I never played a game seriously in order to finish it except "The Secret of Monkey Island" Ega version as I mentioned above.

I started searching for Mac emulators for the first time in 1997. When I managed to run Basilisk, I didn't like the feeling. I began looking and learning about Macintosh computers because I did't know anything about them. First Mac was an Imac Mid 2007 in 2008. The same year i got an Imac G3 from ebay.

The feeling of a real computer and sound device cannot be compared. 😀

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