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I'm kind of battling with the amplification levels with a mf-1868 es1868f card that I grabbed from ebay and hope that someone here has some experience with these boards. I have a Dreamblaster X2 plugged onto the waveblaster connector. In general, it works, but the volume levels are kind of off and unbalanced. The wavetable is quite a bit too low in volume with respect to the wave levels if I adjust them to the same level. I always have to compensate for these volumes with essvol (I practically have to half my wave volume to compensate for the low waveblaster volume).

The information I have found for the jumpers is just this that for both available jumpers JP1 und JP2, Pins 1 & 2 closed is speaker and Pins 2 &3 closed is line-out (I have both jumpered to line-out). However, the information that I have found never specified how JP1 und JP2 are wired and what the difference is. I'm starting to wonder whether the waveblaster / aux out actually needs amplification and is wired to one of these jumpers. I'm pretty sure that others are running a similar configuration probably as well, so I wonder how if you experience similar unbalanced volumes and how you deal with it.

Edit: I have already created a custom preset for the Dreamblaster and amplified by +3db which improved things. I still have to lower the wave volume by half in order to have it somewhat balanced...