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From Ken Shirriff's blog.

Sharing an interesting link I just read, with content somewhat tangential to the niche interest here.

That is, novel reverse engineering techniques which may one day be applicable to some of the sound IC's we revere here in computer world.

https://www.righto.com/2021/11/reverse-engine … yamaha-dx7.html

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I read this yesterday, very good stuff ! There's also a lot of similar things in other posts on that guy's site, I pretty much spent my day reading things and now it is firmly in the "nice links" section on my own website.

T-04YBSC, a new YMF71x based sound card & Official VOGONS thread about it
Newly made 4MB 60ns 30pin SIMMs ~
mida sa loed ? nagunii aru ei saa 😜

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And if the OPL2/3 chips are anything like the DX7's operator chip (and why wouldn't they be?) we finally solve the mystery of the enormous 23 microsecond delay that's required after writing to one of the chip's registers: the data to be updated isn't in addressable registers, but is instead buried in a gigantic shift register!