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I got this Yamaha XG YMF 724f card but it doesnt have any marking on who made it or the model. Does anyone recognize it?

I'm wondering what the 3 jumpers on the left do and see if I can find the manual/drivers it came with.

Also wondering what the pinless headers below the sb-link do. It looks too short for connecting a wavetablecard.


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The two jumpers that are close together are probably for switching from the amplified to the line-out output and vice versa.
BTW. I should have exact same card somewhere.
That 5 pin header does indeed looks like an SB-Link. To be absolutely sure, you can check with a multimeter where GND is.
Re: PC/PCI or SB-LINK cable. How to make?

1) VLSI SCAMP /286@20 /4MB /CL-GD5422 /CMI8330
2) i420EX /486DX33 /16MB /TGUI9440 /YMF718+GUS
3) i440BX /P!!!750 /256MB /MX440 /SBLive!+Vibra16s