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I've spent the past 2.5 years building my dream PC gaming setup , am now ready to start putting it all together and have questions regarding the audio component of the setup. Its amazing how researching one thing led to another and I'm now pretty far down the rabbit's hole thanks to the Vogons forums. Currently I have 3 gaming PCs(DOS/windows 95 with orpheus sound card with DB15MIDI adapter , windows 98, windows XP) , a MT-32, and SC-55 that I want to incorporate into my setup with 1 monitor , 1 pair of bookshelf speakers( has RCA, AUX, and Optical inputs), and 1 audio mixer. The DOS/win95 PC with the orpheus sound card and DB15MIDI adapter will be the only PC I will be connecting the MT-32 and SC-55 to. Would a audio mixer with 4 stereo inputs, 1 auxilary input, and 1 stereo output be enough for me to connect everything? Also, would I get the best sound if I use the optical input of the bookshelf speakers as opposed to the RCA and AUX inputs? Lastly, am I treating each PC , MT-32, and SC-55 as a separate input into the audio mixer?