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I now have four Soundblaster Vibra16.

This is easily the best of them. It's one of the older models without PnP but still with original OPL3 chip. It has a wavetable header, but suffers from hanging notes, like (almost) all the other Vibra cards.

This card already uses CQM for FM synth, but still has a (buggy) wavetable header. It's PnP like all the CQM cards.

It's the only card with the latest Vibra chip (CT2511) and therefore the only Vibra with a bugfree MPU-401 interface. Sadly the wavetable header is now gone. Why, Creative? Why?

This card combines the worst of both worlds. All the bugs, none of the features. The Creative brand name is pretty much the only thing it has. They could have saved 50% plastic, if they would have cut the PCBs into triangles, like Aztech does.

I want to get rid of the 2260. This was actually my first OPL3 card three years ago. But I got better OPL cards in the meantime, so I don't need it anymore. It's probably wise to sell the 2260 invidually and advertise the OPL chip. OPL sells.
I think I'm gonna keep the 2960, because when the 2260 is gone, the 2960 will be my only card left with a wavetable header. My gut instincts tell me, that it would be wise to keep it as test equipment until I get something better. Yeah, it has the hanging notes bug, but for testing it will do.
The 4170 and 4180 are garbage imho. People who are willing to pay for external modules will have something better than the 4170. And the 4180? No words. I'm intending to bundle them with two machines which I want to sell.

Did I miss anything about the cards, which might change my decision?

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I'm about to buy a CT2260, but I just read that it produces excessive noise as described in this article: http://dosdays.co.uk/topics/sb16.php

From the article:

The card had a rather loud background noise but moreover there seems to be some glitch that appears in some games at totally random times and it produces a severe high pitched hiss/ring . It is VERY disagreeable - Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Descent all produce this terrible background noise at different degrees. I have not yet found a pattern to it but it is VERY audible.

Did you ever notice this?