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I'm using a Sound Blaster CT2800 on a 386DX-25 system. However, if I use a 16-bit DMA channel for high DMA, I get random garbage output in 16-bit mode.
If I set the high DMA to DMA channel 1 (8-bit), it works fine. This means that the DMA controller has to do two bytes per sample, which is slow, and I want to avoid it.

It works fine on my 486. The weird part is that my CT2291 doesn't have this issue on my 386 at all.
Is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do to make 16-bit DMA work with this card on my 386?

- CPU: 386DX-40 (128kB external L1 cache)
- RAM: 8MB (0 waitstates at 40MHz)
- VGA: Diamond SpeedSTAR VGA (ET4000AX 1MB ISA)
- Audio: SB Pro 2.0 + GUS 1MB
- ISA PS/2 mouse card + ISA USB card
- MS-DOS 6.22 + Win 3.1