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I got a Toshiba 300CDT recently and this one works flawlessly, at least for now. As far as I know this one has integrated YMF715 sound chip but the PCM playback in some games is broken. In Duke Nukem 2, Duke fires a few gunshots in the intro screen and it goes silent. The target moving is always silent. Duke always says "I'm back" and this is all PCM this game can play. There is absolutely no PCM SB sounds during gameplay, they are all silent. Only adlib music/SFX can be heard. Another example would be Gods when the intro PCM samples are messed up. Some of the samples play fine but some samples stop playing prematurely and the entire intro song sounds wonky

Looks like Toshiba laptops suffer from this problem and I've seen some topics regarding this or similar problems but I found no concrete answer. Possibly there are IRQ conflicts but I checked everything in the BIOS and it doesn't look like there are any conflicts. All I can see is SB/WSS/MPU-401 IRQ are merged together. Any suggestions how to solve it? By the way, how is this possible that original Yamaha chips can sometimes be this crappy?

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DN2 uses ADPCM sounds that most sound cards, including YMF71x, do not support.

There is a patch to the game (and few others) that replaces these ADPCM samples with uncompressed PCM ones but I don't know any further details.

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