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well question about OpenGL is interesting , its 1992 technology and earliest usage i found is on glint 1995 demos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KOKNz8AkMY
and the earliest Direct3D games should be very good supported in dgVoodoo2
Too bad this list not included S3 Metal API i gathered probably everything S3 Savage MeTal API 3D Accelerated Games List
and there is PowerSGL2 API but only some demos use it, no games know, and probably they not exist.


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deltashadow wrote on 2024-03-31, 19:41:

PS: maybe you know how many games were game for Midas3? If there launch titles or games made before PCX1.

Only the two launch titles that were bundled with Compaq. The Midas3 is just an early PCX1 and will run other PowerSGL games than those two that came bundled (Mechwarrior 2 and Flight Unlimited).

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