Table Fog & 8-bit Paletted Textures

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Another good place to check for paletted texture support is Quake2. The skyboxes will show the difference mainly, so if you have 8-bit textures ENABLED and the sky still looks smooth (and not banded in visibly low amounts of colors), then paletted textures aren't working. 😀 The only RGB textures in the game are those, so paletted tex support should benefit busy multiplayer games where it's easier on the texcache.

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Joseph_Joestar wrote on 2022-01-14, 18:38:
386SX wrote on 2022-01-14, 17:51:

Trident Blade3D test:

Looks great, cheers!

It's interesting how the budget oriented Blade 3D has proper paletted texture support, while much more expensive Matrox cards from the same time period don't. The lack of table fog on the Blade 3D is somewhat surprising though.

Indeed. I don't know how many titles actually used the Table Fog feature and until when so it might have been a costs/benefit choice who knows. I don't know if the next chip after this had that feature or not.

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