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i have 1920x1200 lcd monitor (multiple inputs, DSUB +DVI +DP), which is not always select properly aspect, and also not always allow manual selection for this.
also i use now integrated video in i7 3770 cpu, what for me enough.

for sample, it often select properly aspect on DSUB input, except standard vga mode 720x400, which really 16:10, but i want see it as 4:3 🤣
on DVI input my monitor mostly newer show 4:3 aspect, except one old windows game...
on DP i now cant check, as have not cable.

but when i connect this monitor to DVI on other comp for testing, i see 4:3 more then often...
so i now think, that problem is just wrong programmed (by UEFI on POST procedure) CRT registers (which 3xxh).
and i want try change this registers, may be this help switch monitor to 4:3 aspect? 😎
i can do it via assembler IN/OUT instructions, but me more want do it interactively... 🤣

may be there already exist that program? for DOS sure...

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maybe you want this...

TWEAK 1.6ß - Mold your own VGA modes
by Robert Schmidt of Ztiff Zox Softwear, 1992-93


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yes, thanks 😀 it is close what i want!

i now tried this program.
unfortunatelly, this is no big help for my problem... 🙁
all vga resolutions is anyway showed as stretched 16:10.

think, my need investigate some other registers or memory areas, which is special for my IHD 4000.