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Hi Guys,

Recently i got a Geforce 2 GTS.
When i tried to install the Forceware drivers from Nvidia the computer doesn't reconise the card as a Direct3D card.
I can play OpenGL games like Quake 2 en 3 but its stuggling with Direct3D.

I was thinking, can it be that i need the Original Asus Drivers for this instead of the latest Forceware drivers ?

And does anyone has original Asus Drivers for Windows 98se ?

My setup.
Intel Pentium III 1000mhz
Asus CUSL2-C
Asus Geforce 2 GTS
512 MB Ram 133mhz
Create SoundBlaster Live 5.1
Windows 98se

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Yeh I used the 71.84 drivers, 30.82 and the newest 81.98.
I found an original driver disk for the 7100 series that also contains the drivers for the V7700.

When I installed that one, everything was working fine.
Games don't crash, 3DMark runs normally. ( was crashing everytime when i wanted to start the benchmark ).

Think ill just stick to the Asus drivers than instead of the nvidia drivers.

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First IT job that I ever had, my boss always gave me a hard time for using "generic" graphics card drivers.

He ALWAYS insisted on using the drivers that came bundled with the card, Sapphire or Asus or what have you.

This would have been around 2001-2002, we built a lot of systems ground up back then and I always tended to download the most recent version from chip manufacturer website,
ie; ATi, or Nvidia usually.

Always ticked him off, 🤣.

That doesn't help at all but that's what this post reminded me of.

AOpen AP53 AMD K6/2 - 233MHZ - 64MB RAM 20GB WD HDD Win98SE

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DirectX version has usually been the main reasons for direct3d not working when installing new drivers for me too. Install at least directx 7.0a and if that doesn't work try directx 8.1 too.