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I'm building a Super Socket 7 retro gaming PC at the moment, and in the process I did some benchmarking with really interesting results.

I'm currently using the following parts:

- AMD K6-III+ 400MHz overclocked to 500MHz
- Gigabyte GA-5AX rev 4.1 motherboard with the latest BIOS
- 3 x 128MB PC133 SDRAM

I tried the following graphics cards with this PC:

- ELSA Gladiac 511 (GeForce 2MX PCI)
- ATI Radeon VE AGP

This is the results I got when using Phil's DOS benchmark pack:

Quake demo1 640x480 (Write Combine disabled)
Radeon VE: 17.0 fps
Geforce 2MX: 13.8 fps

Quake demo1 640x480 (Write Combine enabled)
Radeon VE: 27.0 fps
Geforce 2MX: 19.5 fps

Doom demo3 max detail:
Radeon VE: 434 realtics
Geforce 2MX: 717 realtics

Another interesting thing is that Chris' 3D Benchmark and PC Player Benchmark absolutely refuse to run on my GeForce 2MX in 640x480. On the Radeon VE, I got 76.9 fps in PCP Benchmark and 116.4 fps is Chris' 3D Benchmark in 640x480 (both with Write Combine enabled) which is way higher than Phil's results in this video: https://youtu.be/D_QTIadLd1w In fact, my results without Write Combine are about the same as his results with Write Combine.

So, the two questions I have are...

1) Is this difference between the Radeon and the GeForce normal? If yes, is it because the Radeon is AGP and the GeForce is PCI?

2) Why can't I run PCP and Chris' 3D Bench in 640x480 on the GeForce? Quake runs fine in the same resolution.

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Okay, the performance part is solved...

I tried the GeForce on another motherboard (Shuttle HOT-597 - based on VIA MVP3) and got 32.0fps in DOS Quake (vs 19.5fps on GA-5AX). I guess it's safe to conclude that either this particular motherboard or the ALI Aladdin V chipset don't play well with this particular graphics card. I remember somebody on this forum also complained about GA-5AX being very slow with Voodoo 3 PCI.

I still can't get the PC Player Benchmark and Chris' 3D Benchmark to run in 640x480 though. If I run them with no memory manager loaded, the PC just freezes, and if I run them with EMM386 loaded, I get "Error No. 9" which makes no sense to me.

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It's really puzzling, PC Player benchmark is using VESA Mode 0101h (640x480/8bpp), Chris' 3D Benchmark seems to use mode 0111h (640x480/16bpp), both modes work perfectly when I test them with Rayer's vesatest utility 😒

I also found an old SiS 6215 PCI graphics card and it works perfectly with both PC Player Benchmark and Chris' 3D Benchmark, but doesn't like DOS Quake running at 640x480 (I only get a dark grey screen that occasionally flashes in red).