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Hey everyone,
I have been going through forum after forum on this awesome sites and still haven't had any luck.
My problem, I bought am ISA graphics card for my 486 pc, and after plugging in the card, my monitor receives no signal from the card, or even the via port on my motherboard. However, as soon as I take the card out, the vga port on the motherboard works fine again.
Can someone please explain what I am doing wrong? I have the jumper settings confirmed with the manual. Do I need to install the drivers before installing the card? TIA
My computer specs are:
DECpc LPv 433dx
503mb quantum fireball hdd
16mb ram
66mhz Intel overdrive cpu
Vibra 16 CT2501-TCQ ISA sound card
Running MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1
The card I am installing which I bought as tested and working (from a very honest seller I buy most of my parts from)
Trident tvga8900cl ISA
As mentioned, my computer runs flawlessly in all aspects, until I try to plug in the card.
The card is in mint condition with no erosion or dust. And I have tried all 3 ISA slots


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Looks to me like your computer already has a VGA chip integrated on the motherboard. Thus you need to disable it if you want to use another VGA card in ISA slot. Often there is a jumper for it on the motherboard.

Only one VGA card can be active.

No need to install any drivers.

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