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I've tried researching a solution with no success. Figured I'd ask here...maybe someone has dealt with a similar issue. I recently purchased a Dell Trinitron P990 crt monitor. Cosmetically it's in near perfect condition. The seller said it was working and has some photos of the monitor on with the Windows boot screen clearly visible. All I get when I turn it on it a dead screen and an orange flashing light next to the power button. The manual says this is failure mode. I've tried the reset button, I've tried 3 different video cards, I've tried turning it on with only the power cable connected...exact same result every time. I hear the normal crt power on sounds...but get absolutely nothing on the screen and a flashing orange light. I ruled out my system being a factor, since it works with another monitor. I'm using the power cable that came with it, none of the vga pins are bent or missing. This thing is in amazing condition, at least externally. Not a single scratch or ding on the screen. Barely any yellowing.

This thing is beautiful and I'm going to be deeply disappointed if I have to send it back. Does anyone have any thoughts? I'll try pretty much anything.

Forgot to mention, my system did at least recognize it was connected. I used a card with vga and dvi output (to troubleshoot) and connected the crt to the vga and my main monitor to the dvi with an adapter. I never got a signal on the crt, but the system did recognize the P990 was connected. It installed the drivers, but nothing happened. nVidia settings recognized it also, but nothing I did resulted in a signal.

Edit - I worked out a partial refund with the seller due to shipping costs. If anyone knows someone who can repair a crt, let me know. I'm willing to ship for repair. I'm in the midwest and haven't been able to find anything yet.