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Hi guys,

I have both mentioned VLB cards and tried using them with my 486 build. However, with both cards I am having real difficulties getting a clear picture. For the first 5 minutes or so after starting the PC I have a clear and crisp picture. However then the picture turns into the attached picture.

Any ideas why that might happen? I am using a LCD monitor.

Are both cards probably damaged or has it something to do with refresh rates etc.? Scitech Display Doctor is installed...


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Do both cards exhibit the same visual problems? If that's the case, I'd say the monitor is the issue, both cards having the exact same fault seems highly unlikely. Can you pictures of the cards? I'm interested in knowing whether they use the same DAC.

I have some ISA/VLB/PCI cards where the picture will start wobbling after a while on an LCD monitor that I use for testing, yet they work perfectly on a CRT. Others do not display anything at all when using the LCD, as if they were unable to sync. In general I've found that using LCDs with these older cards is kind of a lottery.