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Meatball wrote on 2022-03-19, 21:41:
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All games tested using Direct3D acceleration and it is implied for each game. Additional or alternative acceleration and/or exceptions may be noted beside the game. Games which can be rendered without a 3D accelerator in 16bit color depth will be noted with "DirectDraw/Software," though it's possible for some of those same games to support hardware acceleration in color depths greater than 16bit.

  • Assault Rigs (ATI CIF)
  • Beast Wars (3dfx Glide)
  • Blood II - The Chosen + The Nightmare Levels
  • Blood Omen - Legacy of Kain (DirectDraw/Software only)
  • Claw (DirectDraw/Software only)
  • Command & Conquer 2 - Tiberian Sun + Firestorm (DirectDraw/Software only)
  • Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 + Yuri's Revenge (DirectDraw/Software only)
  • Crimson Skies (DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D)
  • Cyber Troopers: Virtual-ON (DirectDraw/Software only)
  • Daikatana (3dfxGL, OpenGL, PowerVRGL; No Direct3D)
  • Daytona USA Deluxe (DirectDraw/Software; Direct3D with patch)
  • Deathtrap Dungeon (3dfx Glide, ATI CIF)
  • Descent II Windows 95 Edition (DirectDraw/Software or 3dfx Glide only)
  • Dethkarz (DirectDraw/Software only)
  • Diablo II + Lord of Destruction (3dfx Glide)
  • Die by the Sword + Limb from Limb (3dfx Glide, DirectDraw/Software; PowerVR SGL with Limb from Limb)
  • Dino Crisis (DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D)
  • Dreams to Reality (DirectDraw/Software)
  • Dune 2000 (DirectDraw/Software)
  • Fighting Force
  • Final Fantasy VII (DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D)
  • Final Fantasy VIII (DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D)
  • Forsaken (DirectDraw/Software only; Direct3D has 32bit options)
  • Grand Theft Auto 2
  • Homeworld (DirectDraw/Software only)
  • Homeworld Cataclysm (DirectDraw/Software only)
  • Interstate '76 1.2 Gold Edition (3dfx Glide, PowerVR SGL)
  • Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (8bit might be forced upon startup even if previously set to 16bit)
  • Last Bronx (DirectDraw/Software only)
  • Half-Life (3dfxGL, OpenGL, DirectDraw/Software)
  • Hardwar - The Future is Greedy (3dfx Glide, DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D, PowerVR SGL)
  • King's Quest VIII - Mask of Eternity (3dfx Glide, DirectDraw/Software)
  • Metal Gear Solid + VR Missions (DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D)
  • Machines
  • Manx TT Superbike (3dfx Glide only)
  • Monster Truck Madness
  • Monster Truck Madness 2 (3dfx Glide, PowerVR SGL, Rendition RRedline)
  • Moto Racer
  • Need for Speed II SE (3dfx Glide only)
  • Need for Speed III - Hot Pursuit (3dfx Glide)
  • NHL '97 (DirectDraw/Software only)
  • NHL '98 (DirectDraw/Software, 3dfx Glide; No Direct3D)
  • NHL '99 (DirectDraw/Software, 3dfx Glide, ATI CIF)
  • NHL 2000 (DirectDraw/Software, 3dfx Glide)
  • NHL 2001 (3dfx Glide)
  • NHL 2002 (3dfx Glide)
  • Nightmare Creatures (3dfx Glide, DirectDraw/Software, PowerVR SGL)
  • Omikron - The Nomad Soul (DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D)
  • Outlaws (1.0 DirectDraw/Software; 1.1 & later include 3dfx Glide, Direct3D)
  • Panzer Dragoon (DirectDraw/Software only)
  • POD - Planet of Death
  • Rebel Moon Rising
  • Redline Racer
  • Resident Evil
  • Resident Evil 2 (DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D)
  • Revenant (DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D)
  • Risk (DirectDraw/Software only)
  • Sega Rally Championship (DirectDraw/Software only)
  • Sega Touring Car Championship (DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D)
  • Shogo - Mobile Armor Division (DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D)
  • SiN + Wages of SiN (Software, 3dfxGL, OpenGL, PowerVR GL, RagePro GL, RRedline GL. No Direct3D)
  • Sonic 3D Blast (DirectDraw/Software only)
  • Space Bunnies Must Die! (DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D)
  • StarLancer (DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D)
  • Star Wars - Jedi Knight + Mysteries of the Sith
  • Star Wars - Rogue Squadron (3dfx Glide)
  • Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire
  • System Shock 2
  • Team Apache (3dfx Glide, Rendition RRedline)
  • Thief & Thief Gold
  • Thief II - The Metal Age
  • Time Warriors (DirectDraw/Software, 3dfx Glide, ATI CIF, Matrox MSI, S3 3D; No Direct3D)
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six + Eagle Watch Mission Pack (DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D)
  • Tomb Raider + Unfinished Business (ATI CIF DLL v4.12.2696 - ATI patch converts game to Windows. Requires installed sound drivers. No Direct3D.)
  • Turok - Dinosaur Hunter (3dfx Glide, ATI CIF, PowerVR SGL)
  • Trespasser - Jurassic Park (DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D)
  • Ultim@te Race Pro (3dfx Glide, DirectDraw/Software or Direct3D, PowerVR SGL)
  • Virtual Fighter 2 (DirectDraw/Software only)
  • Wipeout (ATI CIF)
  • Wipeout XL (PowerVR Direct3D)

Gta 3, gta vc, gta sa have 16 bit color mode on d3d. Nfs hp2 also has 16 bit color on d3d8. Rainbox Six Rogue Spear, iirc, also has 16 bit color with D3D6

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Excessive Speed 1999 has a RGB555/RGB565 mode. RGB555 (15bit) doesn't work correctly in Windows 7 which has 16-bit colour support, RGB565 is fine.

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The most interesting cases for 3D accelerated games for Win9x where it comes to color depth to consider imho are:

1. Does game still support 16-bit rendering??
This is relevant only for games after 2000 because in the 90's I don't think any game developer would dare to release game without 16-bit. Not only most 3dfx cards (at least those which people used) only ran in 16-bit modes but also cards which had 32-bit weren't really fast enough to run games in 32-bit comfortably. 16-bit color support was dropped somewhere around DX8 era games.

2. Does game supports 32-bit rendering?
This is actually relevant for many early games for users who have GeForce6 (and I guess 7) cards as these cards don't have properly working 16-bit mode support but still many users use these cards in Win9x rigs.

To make it proper community effort it would be good to have some kind of spredsheet in google docs or something.

BTW. From games that support 16-bit software (and hw) would be Motorhead - that racing game. I don't think it supported 8bit color at all.
It actually had very optimized 3d engine and ran great in software at 16bit at 400x300 on Pentium 166MHz to the point it was mind blowing for the kind of graphics on screen.