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Hi All,

I bought an as-is Voodoo 5 5500 card recently. The previous owner wouldn't tell me much about its history, but I fully expected it to require repair. Some attempts were clearly made in the past. The card was absolutely COVERED in flux residue, and someone attempted to reflow some of the TSOP SDRAM chips on the back. They left some solder bridges in a few spots in that attempt. They also replaced C74 on the front.

I fixed the following:
- Replaced missing surface mount components (C501, R504 and C502)
- Fixed solder bridges on SDRAM legs from past repair attempt done by a previous owner.
- Gave the card a good cleaning with IPA (especially SDRAM chip areas)

I don't know if the card worked at all prior to my fixes above - I didn't want to test it with missing components and shorted SDRAM legs - but it half works now. It seems totally fine in single VSA mode, but the system hangs and I get a black screen with some blue line artifacts when both VSAs are enabled in the driver. I believe the issue is one or more of the 4x TSOP SDRAM chips associated with the secondary VSA chip (right side of the card).

I'd like to replace these, but I'm having a hard time finding the chips. The originals are Hyundai HY57V6532208 TC-6 (datasheet attached). I believe they were later labeled as Hynix chips with the same part number. Does anyone know where to source these or know of any suitable alternative parts that I could use? Either the same or better latency/frequency specs are fine.

Also, does anyone know of any tricks to further isolate the bad chip? or is a one-by-one replacement until the issue is resolved the best strategy?

Thanks in advance!




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Instead of searching for old stock, I found a couple of possible options that are new:

I found these ISSI chips on mouser that I believe may work. They come in -5 (200MHz) and -6 (166MHz) varieties. They appear to be 512Kx32x4banks and come in TSOPII-86.
https://www.mouser.ca/datasheet/2/198/42-45S3 … 200L-319034.pdf

Digikey also carries these Alliance branded chips too. They are 166MHz rated and appear to have the same or similar specs:
https://www.alliancememory.com/wp-content/upl … 2SA%20v.1.0.pdf

I know these brands have been around for a while, but I don't have much experience with them. Think they'd be suitable replacements? I'd probably get the 200MHz rated ISSI stuff as they are all about the same price (around $6 CAD per chip).


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What I see the most is Esmt and Etrontech, thats whats used on the remakes too (there also fairly easy to get in 64mbit config, ebay, ali ...)

Esmt M12L64322A

As for clocks, Im always up for more ofc, but I think realisticly you will probably hit the wall sooner on the core than memory if you do plan to oc.