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Does anyone out there have the drivers/software for one of these things? The only software I can find on-line (archive.org and a couple of other sights) is for the NTSC version, which is not terribly useful because mine is PAL. I'm assuming there was a dedicated PAL version of the software because it was reviewed in a UK magazine so they must have managed to get it working.

Really annoying, especially after spending most of the morning tearing the place apart trying to find a cable that I could use to connect a video source to it.

Come to think of it, a scan of the documentation might help as well but from what I can tell setting this device up is pretty self explanatory.


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Mine was ntsc and burned it up hot swapping the ntsc cable to it while working.

Really stupid the devices aren’t load limited and protected, not sure if I kept the rather minimalist documentation after it blew

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Did manage to find the software for it myself. Still can't get any kind of video signal into it though, three machines two operating systems and a couple of VCRs/cameras and a whole lot of swearing later and still all I get is snow. Ah well, it's something to keep me occupied until the next bit of weirdness shows up to grab my attention.