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I have a Dell Geforce256 64MB that I was wanting to replace the capacitors on. IT seems to have a quite noticeable shadow effect going on. Almost everything has a black fade coming out to the right.

The caps on here aren't labeled very well, however. The 2 big ones are labeled 011 330 6E (top to bottom). Any idea what these capacitors would actually be?

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Likely 6.3V 330uF.

I have the same issue with an Asus V7100 TNT2. I do have one small ceramic cap broken off near the GPU, but I was wondering if it had to do more with the VGA RF Filter than it has to do with that.

I'd like to know how to properly entirely remove RF filters from adapters... They are not necessary, and this was practiced somewhat back in the day for models with blurry graphics.