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Personally - no. All 2007FPs i’ve seen had the ‘b’. However, all 2007FPs I’ve seen were surplus or liquidations, sold by 2nd hand resellers. I always assumed the ‘b’ stands for ‘business’.

Reading owner threads / reviews from the 2007 period, no one ever referenced any FPb models, only FP.

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dr_st wrote on 2023-02-23, 12:08:
mihai wrote on 2023-02-23, 11:00:

In case of 2007FP, look for the FPb model. These are always S-IPS and newer revisions - in my experience.

On this subject - have you ever seen a 2007FP that wasn't a 2007FPb? I got the impression that the last character in DELL monitors model names (always a small letter) is some internal identifier and is always the same on a given model. But, maybe I'm wrong.

The common knowledge at the time was that the only sure way to distinguish S-PVA from S-IPS units (short of turning it on) is by the last character of the serial number (L = LG-Philips S-IPS panel, S = Samsung S-PVA panel).

I believe that's black vs silver (2007fps).

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I have never seen or heard of a "2007FPs" and my silver bezel 2007FP is marked 2007FPb as well (the front bezel is all the difference really).

The model name in all consumer publications seems to be 2007FP. This is how it will also appear in the monitor menu, IIRC. The internal nomenclature (including the back of the monitor, the serial number sticker) will have the 'b' suffix. Similar suffixes appeared on other DELL monitors, like 2209WA (2209WAf) and U2410 (U2410f). The UP3017 model number is written as UP3017t on the VESA mount anchor point (but UP3017 everywhere else).

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Ozzuneoj wrote on 2023-02-22, 18:17:

I was given a Dell Ultrasharp 2001FP a couple years ago and I have been using it on my retro test bench for a while now. I absolutely LOVE this monitor for this use. It is an actual 4:3 1600x1200 IPS
(possibly PVA) LCD and has DVI, VGA, S-Video, Composite and a USB 2.0 hub built in. On top of that, it has an auto-adjust button right on the front to instantly fix odd screen timing\geometry issues when using various old VGA cards in DOS and Windows, plus a variety of scaling options. I have read that there are some different revisions and panel types for the 2001FP but I'm not sure how to find out what mine is without physically tearing into it.

I have approximately three 2001FP, including two used with my main modern PC. I've been using this dual 4:3 setup for a few years now.
Of the two in use, one has `V 1.72` displayed in its OCD menu, the other one has no visible version indication. The differences in menus are mostly cosmetic.
Both have faulty VGA inputs unfortunately: one has a very dim picture and the other seems stuck at some crazy gamma value which QuickGamma is unable to fix. They are fine via DVI however.
The third one has a good VGA input but its DVI is busted for a change, and its panel is in relatively worse condition.

2001FP has a dedicated soundbar mount if you want to use one, I have Dell AX510 on mine. These soundbars have quite a nice sound quality and go very cheap nowadays.
2007FP also has the same soundbar mount and audio power connector I believe.

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Azarien wrote:

Both have faulty VGA inputs unfortunately: one has a very dim picture and the other seems stuck at some crazy gamma value which QuickGamma is unable to fix.

Probably fixable in service menu.

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I have had success replacing a ccfl in an old laptop, I lost the ability to adjust the brightness because it would have been a little too complex to convert the laptop voltage adjustment to work. I used a short 2mm cob strip wired to a dc-dc converter and bypassed the ccfl high voltage dc-dc circuit. I am planning to do something similar for a 2407wfp which has started going green.

I don't think it is too hard to do, you just need to matchup the leds with the light pattern from the ccfl, I would say it is easier than recapping except getting into the lcd to remove the ccfl tubes can be a pain if they are taped up.