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For games of 91-97 era, is the freedos a good alternative?
I heard the posssibility of using usb mouses and installing from cdrom drive whiout using floopy drive/gotek.

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I am using this in an Arcade Machine that runs dmame. It's been a while I did some things with that apart from playing, but iirc, you can also install from USB sticks. But you have to mount the stick during boot, its not hot plugable while the machine is on.

edit: it just came to my mind, that I am actually not running Freedos on that machine...I tried it back then, but gave up for some reason. Sorry, it happened waaaayyyyy back. I am running 7.1....I think 😉

But I know for sure, that I am using this for USB support (mounting flash drive / hard disc):
https://comvcon.blogspot.com/2008/12/usb-driv … usbaspisys.html

For USB mouse - there exist USB to PS/2 adapters and they are cheap.

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In case you wonder, there's also PC-MOS/386 now, which got Open Source a while ago..
I don't know it fits the needs here (it's not as current as FreeDOS), but it is technically very interesting.
Version 5 is feature compatible to DOS 5 kernal now and can read FAT16B, at least.
PC-MOS/386 released under GPL

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