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What has happened? Why was deleted???
I searched for the "Rise of the Dragon" MT-32 + SB combo what I got here and it disappeared... everything is messed up here too!
What is going on here?

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hi guys, I created a talkie version using my GOG copy of Monkey Island 1 and it works ok so far using AWE64. I just run the game with no commands and I get music and the sound effects / speech.

However, I want to use General Midi for the music as I have the S2 Dreamblaster S2 connected to the AWE64 through Midi using the Chilland Phil MPU-401 MIDI port adapter ( https://www.serdashop.com/CHiLLandPhilAdapter ) and want the music to play through that, not build in Midi synthesis on the AWE64.

Is it possible to do this and tell the app to run soundblaster for sounds and general midi on 330 for music?


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3.2 Playing it in DOS
- Run "monkey r1" for playing with Roland MT-32 music.
- Run "monkey r" for playing with General MIDI music.
- Run "monkey a" for playing with AdLib music.
- The game can be played either from a harddisk or directly off CD.
- Hit '[' and ']' to adjust the music volume.

3.3 Preferences
- CTRL-a toggles narrator mode.
- CTRL-p toggles Spiffy mode between "SE based VGA", "EGA scan" and "no closeup".
- CTRL-q toggles subtitle mode between "keep original text" and "match voice acting".
- Preferences are stored in monkey.cfg, which is loaded automatically whenever a new game is started.
- Music volume is saved whenever one of those toggles are used.
- Savegames contain their own settings overiding monkey.cfg when loaded, except for music volume.

"monkey r" will launch the game with GM bgm and if SB is available then you will get speech/fx from it
there is no option that I know off that will select a specific mpu port

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monkey /? reveals all options you can pass from command line, seems only roland (mt-32) driver allows to chose port:


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I should test this on my Zenith Data Systems Z-Note 325Lc with the DigiSpeech Porta*Sound adapter.

By the by, where do I find the current patch version? For Secret of Monkey Island 1.

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