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Any one know the secret to scanlines in game videos?
I had to downloadt fix files to eliminate them in Gabrial Knight 2, I don't have any in Night Trap, but can't figure out had to get rid of them in "D" or few other games.
Does anyone know if there is a command that could be entered in a bat file or any other method to get rid of scanlines in games' video?

Or if there is a thread? I tried searching but nothing came up except using filters.

Here is the on I used to fix Gabrial Knight 2 and it worked perkectly!
http://www.sierrahelp.com/Patches-Updates/Pat … tml#NoInterlace

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As discussed in the readme for that GK2 patch, the fix used for GK2 is unique to GK2.

There is probably no universal way of getting rid of scanlines in any arbitrary game.