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I recently got this game and have a couple of problems running it in XP. First of all the controls in the menu screen go absolutely crazy. It's hard to select anything because the selection box is jumping all over the place. The second problem is with sound. I have VDMSound and it starts to work, but then dies. Here is what I'm doing; I open a command window and run dosdrv to load vdmsound. Then I run NFSSB.BAT to start the game, and there is sound for a few seconds while the intro plays, but then it cuts out and never returns. Any way to fix these issues, or other improvements I might make to the game?

I did manage to run a few races and even without sound this is by far the most fun version of the series I've played. Maybe I will just wait and get the SE version since it's supposed to run natively in Windows. 😀

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if your selection icon is jumping around a lot it might be because your controller is not calibrated to the games liking. Try the game without joystick/wheel/etc plugged-in or try to get into the game setup menu and recalibrate.

I had some (not very useful!) DOS NFS:SE tips as well as NFS:SE Win95 version tips over here: A LOT of WindowsXP fixes...

It's a real pain this game, which is a shame as it's great fun!