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SUBWAR 2050 - Need help running this in Win XP

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First post, by Gilmere

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I could use a pointer or two setting up to run SUBWAR 2050. What a great game, and its been a long time since I tried it. Someone named "subsexy" posted that he/she could run it just fine. If you are online still, please let me know how you did it. BTW I installed it using the downloaded version (free) (Underdog)

Thanks in advance

Reply 2 of 2, by wildweasel

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Gilmere wrote:

BTW I installed it using the downloaded version (free) (Underdog)

Unfortunately, this seemingly innocent-looking sentence is going to get you shunned off the forum. If you want help from the people here at VOGONS, you'll have to have purchased the game in question. I'd imagine the administration will be along shortly to lock the thread or do whatever they plan to do.