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Hi there!

LHX Attack Chopper, Stormovik: SU-25 and Chuck Yeager's Air Combat are notorious for using pretty much the same engine. Unfortunately it seems the game only works well with 2 axis joysticks, reason being that trying a 4 axis joystick with any of these sims will result in impossible game play.

ALL these games have a JTUNER.EXE program to help calibrate (trim) your joystick. When you have a 4 axis joystick it seems that you need to select JOYSTICK 2, because if you select JOYSTICK 1, your normal X and Y axis won't work. Instead the hat switch and the Z axis will respond. Unfortunately the games do not allow you to select Joystick 1 or Joystick 2, so you're completely screwed. This can probably be patched to force the game to instead look to the proper pins so a more advanced multiple axis/hat switch joystick can work properly. I'll need to investigate joystick programming in order to try and fix this.

EDIT: OK so i just noticed the 1.1 version of Chuck Yeager's Air Combat does support the Thrustmaster FCS, option which will work correctly with other joysticks such as the Microsoft Sidewinder and the CH Flightstick.
Maybe check the code on CYAC and try to force the other games to do the same.

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thank you for your hint about jtuner.exe and joystick #2.

It seems hard to calibrate. I tried it with Su25 and my Gravis Thunderbird on a USB-gameport-adapter.
I'm not able to control the plane in a reasonable way.
Unfortunately it's not better with mouse steering.