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So I was reading over the requirements for using NE2000 adapter in Dosbox-x. I use Linux Mint 20+. I see a message on https://flathub.org/apps/details/com.dosbox_x.DOSBox-X that says, "Network adapter emulation: NE2000 (not for Flatpak or Snap installs)."

Linux Mint has no obvious candidate for Dosbox-x without using snap or flatpak. So am I out of luck if I want to use Dosbox-x and my main need is NE2000?

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you can build it from source but good luck with that, the build process for DBX is a nightmare. I could not get it building on my linux box without it segfaulting all over the place even when I got it to build (they have their own forked sdl and all kinds of crap)

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Post an issue on the dosbox-x git site requesting a version of dosbox-x that isn't in a container, which shouldn't even be necessary since it should be the other way around.....

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