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i'm trying to get body count to work
on my retro pc running win98.
the game runs but i don't know how to get the sound working. all my other games run perfectly with sound in dos, but this game gets no sound at all, no matter what i do
anyone who knows how to get sound? 🙂

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A few questions that may help you get help:

- What sound hardware do you have
- What are your drivers & settings
- What sound options does the game offer
- Are you running in a Windows DOS box or pure DOS

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i have a creative soundblaster 16 isa card.

the game has options to choose between soundblaster and pc speaker sound and something else.
i run it in real dos, not dosbox
i do not know the drivers and settings.

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  • Verify that your sound card actually works. Try to run any other game (like the shareware version of Wolf3D or Blake Stone) and see if it'll make your SoundBlaster 16 produce any sound. Check your cables, volume, mixer settings etc.
  • Make sure you have the BLASTER environment variable set up correctly for your card. The game needs to know what Address, IRQ and DMA channel your card uses and (like all games based on the Wolf3D engine) it relies on the BLASTER variable to provide these settings. If you own Blake Stone or Planet Strike, check out the SETBLAST utility that comes with those games.
  • Make sure the config file for Operation Bodycount isn't write protected (or just delete the config file), then run the setup program and select SoundBlaster for every sound option.
  • Run the game and (if you still don't hear anything) adjust the volume levels from the main menu.

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Why, the game is trying to save you from itself!
I owned the bigbox edition of this game, one of my earliest purchases back in 95 when I was new to computers. "built on Wolf3d Engine? must be good. How wrong I was. I didn't get past the sewers and only played it those 1st few hours.

Sorry nothing useful to add, post above has you covered in that regard.