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The Crescent Hawks Inception is a frustrating game.

First, hit the space bar to bring up the game menu. There is no way to stop the game without just shutting down DOSBox.

The basic problem here is when I played the Apple II version I just ran out the southeast wall with a Chameleon when the Kurita attack comes.

This is not possible in the DOS version which is more difficult.

You need to run out the southwest gate!

Keeping your creds in Bakphar is painful. You need about 20,000 credits before you move on to the starport. As soon as
you succeed at mission 6 in the citadel, you should transfer credits to Defhes. If you wait until after mission 6 your income will dry up.
You get an income only while in the citadel.

You need a machine gun, machine gun training. A flak vest, which is cheap, is the ordinary armor for a mechwarrior.

When you get to the starport you quickly need to buy clothes, a terrain mapper, and a holovid projector.

If you keep you creds in Defhes, that's easy to obtain. While in the citadel, the game usually just keeps pumping 15 cred increments at you.
But if you keep your creds in Defhes there are only five training missions and the sixth is the end of the citadel. If you keep credits in Bakphar the most missions you can have is 8, with the 8th being the mission against Kurita that ends to citadel.
The problem is that if you do that you lose income after mission 7, which can be avoided by investing in defhes after mission 6. The sad thing is, if you get through mission 7, you can promote your piloting and gunnery to excellent, which means you can blow away a locust with a small laser. I know that's not accurate to the board game rules, but that's how this game works.

Something to note:

To avoid failing the first mission you need to use the numpad to control the battlemech diagonally.

The Marik dream sequence happens after mission 2 if you return to the barracks.

You meet Rick Atlas after mission 5 in the lounge. He gives you an electronic device that does not show up in inventory.

After mission 6 someone enters the citadel and I follow him in and talk to Katrina then.

To leave the citadel with the Chameleon you need to run out the southeast corner of the citadel, despite the message that House Kurita has broken through the southwest wall. In the apple version, running out the southwest wall works.

The starport - it is not a place of peace in the DOS version. There are people there trying to kill you.

The main collection bat, battle.bat works with DOSBox but not DOSBox -X.

IIRC, when you get to the Starport the Apple II version gives you over 10000 cbills per match in the arena. In DOS, it's 500.


Daniel L Newhouse

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In DOSBox -X 0.84.0, the game finally started working. The audio is slightly crisper.

There is a way through.

Put your money in bakphar until after the dream sequence is my suggestion. After that put your money in Nasdiv. You should be able to get to the 8th training mission. You may need to try restarting the 7th several times to avoid the ruin of the citadel. Buy a SAM for Jason's personal weapon. You will need it to deal with the criminal element in the Starport. For the sake of the storyline you need to get Jason SMG training. After the 6th training mission, when your income dries out, try the SMG training in the citadel to wring out some more C-bills. You can give the SAM to your tech or your medic after you pick them up.

The arena is impossible. I got scragged by 1 Jenner piloting my own chameleon. When I rented a Locust I nearly beat another Locust, but not quite.

Once you are in the Starport you need to go north the the Jail to pick up a 3rd mechwarrior. Before you go you may want to try to get enough cbills to modify Rex's commando. You cannot modify the Chameleon.

The main criticals such as sensors cannot be repaired in this game.

When you get to the Starport, time continuously goes by. So just stand near the entrance to the arena and let your bank account go up.

Also, you need to spend an extra 500 c bills and make sure Jason has tech skill before you leave the citadel. Otherwise, there's no way to repair you mech after each battle until you get to the jail. The first mission will be to go back to the barracks to use the holovid player there. There's no lube-it at the Starport.

Also, after mission 5 Rick Atlas invites you to the lounge to have a talk. If you go he hands you a compass that acts as an arrow on the map, pointing in the direction of the starport.

When going to the city to the north of the Starport, make sure to go to the hospital before the jailbreak and pick up a medic. Make sure you assign the new Stinger which you hijack to the mechwarrior Russ, not the medic Edward.

The trouble is that I can't find Zeke.

I decided a better shot at the arena would be to put Rex into the chameleon because of his excellent gunnery. No matter what, when he plays the mission, one of his legs get shot out.

If you get the 3rd mech, the Stinger from the jail, the Starport may lock you out, as well as other businesses. When I get back to the Starport without entering the jail, I do not find the tech, Zeke, nor can I get a holodisk player.

The next critical part of the walkthrough that I do remember is going to the southwest town from the Starport and watching the holovid player at the mayor's house. This is not possible if you can't buy a holovid player from the electronics store in the Starport.

Now I remember a very unfortunate truth about the holodisk player and the Starport. You need to buy one before the inauguration. This is hard in the PC version where you are beset by armed pedestrians leaving blotches of blood and guts all over the starport.

You can put your money into Nasdiv until after you get to past the Inaugeration, when money saved in nasdiv will start to go down.

Leaving the academy and walking to the starport, Jason needs to fight at least one battle to raise his gunnery to excellent. That will be enough to get a win in the arena.

I do remember a key to victory - make sure Rex get Tech skill apprenticeship at a mech lube before you find the medic, Edward.

Without recovering the password there's no way to get into the Star League cache. You need to find Zeke. It's supposed to be a matter of visiting hospitals and checking their medical records. I think I need to go back and get all 3 of my mechwarriors a victory in the arena before I can find Zeke.

K, I've done my damage in the arena. No Zeke. I like to save in the crook of the lounge. Plenty of credits. Upgraded the Commando once and the Stinger twice.

Daniel L Newhouse