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The Crescent Hawks Inception is a frustrating game.

First, hit the space bar to bring up the game menu. There is no way to stop the game without just shutting down DOSBox.

The basic problem here is when I played the Apple II version I just ran out the southeast wall with a Chameleon when the Kurita attack comes.

This is not possible in the DOS version which is more difficult.

You need to run out the southwest gate!

Yet more.

I figure out that if you keep your credits in Bakphar, you will get to mission 7 but no further. You will probably have to take
a couple of shots at mission 6. Fortunately, your piloting and gunnery go up even if you repeat a mission. I have played it.
Its important to get all the written exams right, otherwise you'll get psychotic wondering if you can get further before the
doom of the citadel comes.

Keeping your creds in Bakphar is painful. You need about 20,000 credits before you move on to the starport. As soon as
you succeed at mission 6 you should transfer to Defhes.

You need a machine gun, machine gun training. A flak vest, which is cheap, is the ordinary armor for a mechwarrior.

When you get to the starport you quickly need to buy clothes, a terrain mapper, and a holovid projector.

If you keep you creds in Defhes, that's easy to obtain. At some point the game just keeps pumping 15 cred increments at you.
But if you keep your creds in Defhes there are only five training missions and the sixth is the end of the citadel.

I've never played the game the way I am planning.

Something to note:

The Marik dream sequence happens after mission 2 if you return to the barracks.

After mission 3 someone enters the citadel and I follow him in and talk to Katrina then.

You meet Rick Atlas after mission 5 in the lounge. He gives you an electronic device that does not show up in inventory.

If you keep creds in Bakphar, and this is annoying, the game is going to say you fail mission 1 the first time. So I say use a stinger on the first mission to use a humanoid mech.

The starport - it is not a place of peace in the DOS version. There are people there trying to kill you.

The main collection bat, battle.bat works with DOSBox but not DOSBox -X.

IIRC, when you get to the Starport the Apple II version gives you over 10000 cbills per match in the arena. In DOS, it's 500.


Daniel L Newhouse