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I have an original boxed copy of MS-DOS 6.00 Upgrade.

You can't normally perform a clean install of MS-DOS with this version. I am wondering if there is a way to trick the check it must perform during setup to get this to work?

This is purely for educational purposes to scratch a curiosity itch as I know I could just clean install 6.22 full version should I desire to.



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"Almost" clean:
- Get a DOS 5.0 OS disk.
- Try to update your OS.

After FORMAT /S you should have only three files (IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS, COMMAND.COM) that will be overwritten by your new DOS.

(You could try to boot your first floppy of MS-DOS update while pressing SHIFT. It should boot DOS without using CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT, but you still will have access to FDISK and FORMAT... so maybe you can format your HDD and then try to "update" that DOS)

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Pretending I only have a new PC without an OS, and its 1993 without access to any other software other than the MS-DOS 6.00 upgrade, I went with the holding SHIFT down method. I used FDISK and FORMAT /S to get a C drive that boots but I have not restarted the machine yet.

Manually running MS-DOS setup now tells me it has found DOS files on the hard disk and recommends I reboot the machine first, which I will do now.

With the first floppy in the drive still, I let setup to the reboot. Setup automatically restarts and gives me the same warning.

Still, it goes give you the option to setup MS-DOS from scratch so I guess it kinda works.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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It's also possible to format the HDD without copying system files.
FORMAT /B will format the drive, but only preserves a free location for the system files.
That way, they can be transferred later on.

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It needs Dos system files for an the hdd the upgrade to commence Jo22.

Similar to having a fake win.com for Windows upgrades to work.

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