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I present my patch for Shadow Warrior. It turns off that pesky auto-tilt whenever you go up or down a slope. The patch also writes a new SW.CFG and patches SW.GRP with modern WASD/mouse bindings, and so that you can see the bindings in the F1-key screen whilst in-game.
If someone can please suggest a better place to upload little files for free, I'll take them all. Something that doesn't spy and preferable outside silicon valley would be pleasant (If someone uploads to a better place, I'll paste it here too).

https://www.mediafire.com/file/px17httygz5ex9 … wtiltp.zip/file

Here's the readme for the lazy

SWTILTP: Shadow Warrior Tilt Patch, by Unbirthday. Jan 22nd 2021.
This program will patch SW.EXE to remove the auto-tilting issue, where your camera view will tilt automatically when going up or down a slope.

swtiltp Linux 64 bit binary
swtiltp.exe MS-DOS 32 bit binary
swtiltp_x64.exe Windows 64 bit binary

Just put the swtiltp binary (bin/) into the same directory as Shadow Warrior v1.2 and run it. It will patch SW.EXE; Write a new SW.CFG with mouselook and keys configured; It will also patch SW.GRP, adding in updated F1 screens.